Frequently Asked Questions for Skiers/Riders

Q#1: Is there anything an alpine skier can do to help reduce the risk of sustaining a serious knee sprain?

Subject: Knee-Friendly Advice
Answer: Yes, by studying the pamphlet: "Tips for Knee-Friendly Skiing" and by viewing the companion ACL Awareness video. The pamphlet is available free to the skiing public at ski shops and ski areas in a program funded by the major Alpine equipment suppliers. Pamphlets are also distributed by ski clubs and by physicians and physical therapists. To date over one million copies have been published. [Read More]

Q#2: How can a skier, or someone taking up the sport for the first time, pick a good ski shop?

Subject: How to Pick a Good Ski Shop
Answer: The problem isn't just a matter of finding a shop which offers price and selection but being able to identify shops which offer price, selection, and service. And not just where you live, but where you ski on weekends and vacations. Of the three, service, in our opinion, is the most important and the hardest to judge. [Read More]

Q#3: Used Equipment: How old is too old? When should I buy new bindings? What do I do with my old ones?

Answer: No matter how recently you bought your last pair of bindings, your entire release system--boot, binding, and ski--should have a complete in-shop inspection before the start of each season and after every 15 to 30 days of use. This practice is recommended by all equipment suppliers. The advice that follows is intended to motivate you to make that visit and prepare you to communicate effectively with the shop's staff. [Read More]

Q#4: How can I help to reduce the risk of injury while skiing?

Subject: Eight Steps to Safer Skiing
Answer: Please review our EIGHT STEPS TO SAFER SKIING. [Read More]

Q#5: If my bindings are releasing inadvertently, how much should I crank them up?

Subject: Separating Hardware from Software Problems
Answer:STOP!! Put away the screwdriver and study the following: Most retention problems are not related to the release setting and many are not even caused by the equipment at all. Often release, retention, and even performance problems are Software--that is skier--NOT Hardware related. Talk the problem over with a well-trained and experienced binding mechanic. [Read More]