Opinion: Skiier/Rider Issues

Subject: Skiboards and other skis without release bindings.

Any ski, short or long, without a release system is potentially dangerous.
Carl Ettlinger* and Jasper Shealy.**

A current practice with the potential to dramatically increase the incidence of lower leg injuries is the proliferation of short skis with non-releasable bindings. A study we presented earlier this year demonstrated that lower leg injuries were four times more likely when using such products, than with conventional rental equipment incorporating releasable bindings. Since short skis are also available in combination with releasable bindings, there seems to be no reason to sell or rent such a product. Any ski, short or long, without a release system should be cosidered potentially dangerous and should not be sold or rented without both parties recognizing the increased risk of lower leg injury associated with its use.

*Carl Ettlinger - Adjunct Asst. Professor, College of Medicine, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT 05405, and President, Vermont Safety Research, Underhill Ctr., VT 05490

**Dr. Jasper Shealy - Professor, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY 14623