Calibrater Arm:
Inspection, Repair & HD5 Upgrade


Need to have your Calibrater inspected?

Ship to: VT Ski Safety Equipment
9 Sandhill Road
Underhill Center, VT 05490

MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE: All contact details (name, phone, fax, shipping address, and who we should contact for cc payment before returning).

The Calibrater Arm Inspection includes:

  • Calibration Check
  • Replacement of yellow release indicators
  • Spare parts kit
  • Manual and DVD
  • See the Calibrater Manual for information on routine maintenance and inspection information

If your Calibrater Arm fails inspection:

It will be repaired or replaced with a remanufactured unit [PRICE LIST]

If your Calibrater Arm has not had the HD5 Upgrade:

It will upgraded or replaced with a remanufactured unit [PRICE LIST]