Frequently Asked Questions for the VSSE:

#1. What comes with a VT Release Calibrater?

The VRC-HD5 includes a Leg, Adult and Jr. FOOT, Foot Collar, Universal Arm, Tilt Vise, Spare Parts, Instruction Manual, Torque Limiting Screwdriver with Adapters, Calibration Bracket with Tool hanger, Short Ski Adapter, Video Training Tape, Dead Hammer, and a foam-lined box to store these Calibrater components in the off-season. See [Calibrater Manual]

#2. How often do I have to inspect my Calibrater Arm (Torque Wrench)?

Routine visual inspection:
Visually Check the Calibrater Arm each day before use. If the deficiencies are noted, consult the Maintenance and Repair section of the manual. Most routine maintenance and component replacement operations can be performed in the shop. Calibrater components do not need to be returned to the factory except as noted.

(If returning the arm to the factory for service or maintenance.)

Calibration Check:
At the beginning, and at least once during the season, the calibration of the ARM should be verified using a dead weight. (Any weight will do: even a pail of nuts and bolts can be used). Any weight used should be checked on a state or federally certified scale. Calibration checks should also be made whenever the accuracy of the Calibrater is called into question.

#3. Can I inspect the Calibrater Arm (Torque Wrench) myself?

Yes, there are directions in the VT Release Calibrater Manual.

#4. What is an HD5 Upgrade?

The upgrade includes a guard to protect the scale and a protective plastic handle for the driver end of the arm.

#5. What parts can I trade-in?

Any component manufactured by our company can be traded-in for the current replacement component. Trade-in is 10% - 15%, depending on age & condition.

#6. What Vise upgrades are available?

All VSSE Tilt Vises can be upgraded by our factory. The Tilt Vise is now a fully integrated installation and inspection station that will quickly and conveniently accommodate skis of all widths and thicknesses.